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New health QR code app to help save lives of competitors, commuters and travellers

Published on 11th October 2018 by Medelinked

A revolutionary QR code app which helps people in health emergencies by sharing vital medical details has been launched by a former serviceman and health technology innovator.

Oxfordshire, 11th October 2018Health SOS by Medelinked is a free service that gives people peace of mind when travelling, working, competing and commuting. It generates a QR code that is designed to be worn on race numbers, in clothing, stuck on phones, wallets and passports. In a health emergency the QR code can be scanned by smartphone to reveal the patient’s emergency record, with any hidden illnesses, a history of heart troubles, or perhaps an allergy to penicillin. This vital information is shared with the critical care team and the patient receives the right treatment, more quickly.

Health SOS

Founder, Ian Gallifant, had the idea for Health SOS while serving overseas on humanitarian operations, with his paper medical records simply stuffed inside his flak jacket. He wanted to improve everyone’s chances of survival. Today, Health SOS is doing just that.

Ian Gallifant, a health technology entrepreneur said: “We’re harnessing the power of QR codes to save lives. Health SOS gives people peace of mind when they are at work, rest or play. It’s for people with hidden illnesses or allergies, fitness goals, disabilities, stressed commuters, families and those in good health.

“It’s fast and free to set up, and it could just save your life when you can’t speak for yourself.”

Insurance details and next of kin contact details can also be stored. Users decide which information they want to share, giving them total control and privacy.

Medelinked also offers a comprehensive health records service which privately and securely stores your full medical history, constantly updated following health appointments and with live data streamed from fitness trackers. Documents, MRIs and X-rays are stored and viewed with medical standard tools. This service can only be unlocked by the user, and they alone can share it with trusted health professionals and family or friends. Medelinked works with the NHS and has been rated top iOS and Android health app by Orcha.

Ian Gallifant said: “We’ve been trusted to look after people’s health data since 2005 and we take privacy very seriously. Our goal is to give people access to their health information 24/7. It’s proven that when patients are armed with all their information, they are more engaged in the care process, leading to better health outcomes. Using Medelinked, people can also work towards improved health.”

About Medelinked

Medelinked is a global personal health record service. Our goal is to enable individuals to have their information available 24/7 at the point of care and offer integrated services with digital tools and devices to deliver precision medicine. Founded as Zaptag in 2005, Medelinked has more than 13 years’ experience in supporting individuals to manage their health online. The company works with national organisations such as the NHS, together with a diverse range of healthcare providers and research charities.

The leadership team at Medelinked is headed by Ian Gallifant, Chief Executive Officer and Jaskaran Singh, Chief Technology Officer, who between them have over 25 years’ experience in the digital health space. They are supported by a highly renowned clinical advisory team.

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