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Medelinked Now Integrated with Polar, the Pioneers of Wearable Sports and Fitness Technology

Published on 7th March 2016 by Medelinked

Fitness and wellness device users can now track their health, locate healthcare specialists and store securely, safely access and share medical history from their mobile device

Oxfordshire, 7th March 2017 – Medelinked, the personal health record platform, is now integrated with Polar the pioneers of wearable sports and fitness technology for more than 30 years.* The integration ensures that wellness summary data from Polar’s heart rate monitoring devices is available in Medelinked to help users better manage their own and their family’s health.

Polar are known globally for the durability and accuracy of their devices and designed for any activity ranging from swimming, cross-training and yoga to tracking daily activity and calories burned.

Record, connect and share

The integration of this technology will benefit Medelinked and Polar users all around the globe. From now on, a user’s data captured by Polar products during indoor or outdoor training sessions – such as heart rate, GPS map, workout intensity – can be accessed via Medelinked, as well as Polar’s own data platforms.

Managing all health data in one place using the Medelinked platform helps individuals securely track, monitor and improve their health state, ensuring their latest health data is accessed and enabling the provision of the best possible care, keeping individuals in control of their own health. It also provides a scalable platform for device manufacturers to add value to their offerings, increase their range of services and deepen customer engagement.

Joins a wide range of other Medelinked integrated devices and services

The Polar devices join a wide range of other Medelinked integrated devices and services such as Garmin Connect, iHealth, Microsoft Health and Band, Nokia/Withings, Omron, UP by Jawbone, Qardio and Samsung S Health, in enabling users to record data directly into their Medelinked health record but also include a range of medical details including allergies, conditions, immunisations, medications and tests and the ability to store clinical standard DICOM MRI scans and x-rays to complete their health profile as well as storing insurance and other documentation.

Using Medelinked, individuals are also able to create personal and family health profiles online that are secure, locate healthcare specialists and connect and share their health records with their network of trusted health partners and providers (including doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, trainers, insurers, clinical researchers) wherever they are in the world.

Medelinked Secure Cloud

Patients’ medical records are held securely using the Medelinked Health Cloud system. The user has sole control over the information that is stored and whether they wish any healthcare individual or organisation to view any part of their medical history.

Integration with Medelinked provides peace of mind that if Polar device users need urgent medical treatment at home or abroad, their secure medical history can be quickly and safely accessed and shared from their iOS or Android mobile device.

The user can also choose any information they would like to store in a password-protected Emergency Records area, which a chosen family member or colleague can immediately access in the event of an emergency.

Dramatic shift in healthcare

Ian Gallifant, Medelinked founder and CEO, says: "We are now seeing a dramatic shift in healthcare - individuals have a heightened interest in their own wellbeing and are increasingly interacting with personal technology to manage their lives.

Adding Polar to the host of apps, sensors and devices that integrate with Medelinked ensures customers are in control of their health and that personal, portable electronic health records are the way forward for improved healthcare and better outcomes in the future."

Liz Shenton, Retail Sales and Training Manager at Polar adds: “Polar’s AccessLink API is specifically designed for companies like Medelinked to connect their platforms directly to our data. Polar believes strongly that using fitness data intelligently enables users to increase their wellbeing and improve their overall health state. Medelinked’s integration is a great example of how data can be shared automatically across platforms using Polar products. We’re delighted to have been able to work with Medelinked to make such connectivity possible.”

* Medelinked is integrated with the following Polar devices: Polar AccessLink; Polar A360 Fitness tracker with wrist-based heart rate; Polar Loop Crystal; Polar Loop 2; Polar A300

About Polar

Founded in 1977, Polar Electro invented the world’s first wireless heart rate monitor. Since then the company has been leading the sports instruments and heart rate monitoring category through its in-depth understanding of human physiology, performance, and the environment. Polar works in close cooperation with leading sports institutes and governing bodies, and has, thus, become widely recognised as the pioneer and world’s leader of heart rate monitoring and fitness evaluation equipment.

Headquartered near Oulu in Finland, the company operates internationally in more than 80 countries and its products are sold through over 35,000 retailers globally. Polar is the leading OEM provider of heart rate technology in cardio fitness equipment

Today, the award-winning Polar training computers are the number one choice among consumers worldwide. To learn more about how the wide range of Polar products and services can help you achieve your training goals and make your fitness story a success, please visit

About Medelinked

Leveraging mobile technology and the cloud, the Medelinked personal health record platform aims to increase health care efficiency and effectiveness and to continuously improve health outcomes.

In use in over 80 countries around the world, Medelinked ensures that an individual’s health record is secure, complete, under their control and always available at the point of care - accessible via PC, Apple Mac or any iOS or Android tablet or smartphone.

Managing all health data in one place helps individuals securely track, monitor and improve their health state, ensuring their latest health data is accessed and enabling the provision of best possible care.

Using Medelinked individuals can request appointments and connect and share their health record with their network of trusted health partners and providers (including doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, trainers, insurers, clinical researchers).

It also enables patients to communicate securely via email, voice, text, video and instant messaging with doctors and other medical professionals and enables medical professionals to securely connect and communicate with each other to get a rapid overview of their patient or client’s history - including being able to access medical reports, records, messages, x-rays and DICOM scans with automatic updating of patient records after every consultation.

Medelinked Health Cloud and API is the leading platform already powering some of the best mHealth applications allowing developers to create a series of new applications that deliver real health benefits to the end user and healthcare professionals.

In providing this free service to patients, professionals and developers, Medelinked is building the world’s largest aggregated medical data platform for partner health solution development and research, a resource that promises to benefit patients and professionals alike as they seek to understand disease better and continuously improve outcomes.

Based in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, Medelinked was founded in 2005 and named as one of the Global Digital Health 100 for 2015 and 2016.

For more information, please visit

Further Information

Ian Gallifant
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Jonathan Simnett
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Liz Shenton
Retail Sales and Training Manager
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