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Medelinked Launches Chat to a Doctor

Published on 7th September 2015 by Medelinked

Online health service allows remote contact with UK-based GMC-registered NHS practising GPs

Oxfordshire, 7th September, 2015 - Medelinked, the online health platform that empowers you to take control of your health, has launched Chat to a Doctor, an online health service that allows patients to remotely contact UK-based GMC-registered NHS practising GPs.

By subscribing to the Medelinked online health platform individuals can already build a health profile and upload and share health and wellness information with the subscriber’s trusted health providers as well as being able to manage their health with the latest tools and apps.

Once connected they can get health advice in real time and chat instantly to multiple health providers by voice, text, email and video - all from inside a secure account.

Additional service

Chat to a Doctor is an additional service now included with the annual subscription to Medelinked. It utilises only primary care services providing guaranteed access 24/7, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world to a practising GMC-registered NHS GP. The doctors can diagnose, deliver advice, provide private prescriptions for medication delivered to home or place of work and have virtual face-to-face consultations with Medelinked subscribers using state-of-the-art technology.

Ian Gallifant, Medelinked founder and CEO says: "During the evening and outside surgery opening hours, many people find it difficult to get an appointment with an NHS GP. We provide fast and convenient access to practising GPs helping to reduce individual worry and corporate sickness absence."

Using Chat to a Doctor subscribers can ask almost anything a patient would typically ask an NHS GP but now they can do it from the comfort of their own homes. Chat to a Doctor can provide sensitive and confidential clinical advice; symptoms diagnosis and enable discussion of possible treatments for common ailments; explanations of diagnosis or treatment patients may have been prescribed; information on media medical `scares stories`; side-effects of any medication being taken and inoculations needed when travelling abroad and other health precautions relevant to the caller's personal medical history.

Further Information

Ian Gallifant
07879 994944
[email protected]

Jonathan Simnett
07976 227224
[email protected]

About Medelinked

Medelinked was founded in 2005 as Zaptag in order to allow individuals to use mobile technology and the cloud to increase the effectiveness of health care by enabling them to securely build their health profile online and to connect and share with their network of trusted health partners.

Managing all their health data in one place helps individuals securely track and monitor improvements easier and quicker and share vital data with their healthcare providers (doctor, consultant, insurer) to ensure they have access to their latest health data. This enables them to provide the best possible care and it keeps the individual in control of their own health.

The Medelinked Health Cloud and API is also allowing developers to create series of new applications that deliver real health benefits to the end user.

Medelinked is based in Oxfordshire, UK

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