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Medelinked Launches New 'Friends and Family' Feature to Build Healthcare Support Communities

Published on 24th April 2015 by Medelinked

Combining social media and mobility to further drive the global shift in how patients and the healthcare industry connect

Oxfordshire, 24th April 2015 - Users of Medelinked, the online health platform that empowers you to take control of your health, can now invite their friends and family into their online health account and share healthcare profile information with them. This new feature is already available online and will be launched on the Medelinked iOS and Android mobile apps shortly.

Already allowing real time communications with healthcare professionals, using the Medelinked friends and family functionality individuals can now securely, and with consent, create online communities with other Medelinked users.

Driving the global shift in how patients and the healthcare industry connect

With this latest development Medelinked is engaging healthcare social media to further drive the global shift in how patients and the healthcare industry connect. Today, at increasing rates, patients want to be empowered. They want to be involved and to participate in their own healthcare and wellness management and they want to more effectively help and support others too in their various trusted communities in a manner that fits with their lifestyles.

In an aging population, the new Medelinked feature will be particularly useful for families and carers looking after the elderly and relatives or for peace of mind in parents keeping track of their children’s health whilst travelling or away at University. It can also connect those suffering from various ailments or conditions that wish to offer support and those that want to discuss and exchange wellness advice and experience.

Listed in the NHS Choices health apps library

The Medelinked app is listed in the NHS Choices health apps library and is currently available for free both Apple iOS and Android smartphones and downloadable from the Google Play and iTunes app stores.

It enables connected healthcare services providers through their own Medelinked portal to be able to send records and posts directly into a patient’s account, as well as individual patients being themselves able to securely list, update and share a range of medical details to complete their health profile. These include allergies, conditions, immunisations, medications and tests, and the ability to store images of scans and x-rays.

The app stores an individual's medical records securely through the Medelinked Health Cloud-based online system. The individual has sole control over the information that is stored and can decide whether they wish any healthcare individual or organisation to view any part of their medical history.

Emergency records and real time advice

The individual Medelinked account holder can also choose any information they would like to store in a password-protected Emergency Records area, which a chosen family member or colleague can immediately access in the event of an emergency.

Medelinked can also allow patients to get health advice in real time and chat instantly with healthcare providers – for example their doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, optician, travel clinic - using IM, voice, text, email and video from their desktop.

Ian Gallifant, founder and CEO, Medelinked says: "People are increasingly comfortable sharing symptoms and treatment experiences online and mobility and social media offers the opportunity of creating a new and expanded patient/provider/community healthcare partnership. But this should only be the start. In this respect it is the familiarity, omnipresence and capabilities of the smartphone and social media present a huge opportunity to harness community resources as a driver of wellbeing and improved patient outcomes."

Further Information

Ian Gallifant
07879 994944
[email protected]

Jonathan Simnett
07976 227224
[email protected]

About Medelinked

Medelinked was founded in 2005 as Zaptag in order to allow individuals to use mobile technology and the cloud to increase the effectiveness of health care by enabling them to securely build their health profile online and to connect and share with their network of trusted health partners.

Managing all their health data in one place helps individuals securely track and monitor improvements easier and quicker and share vital data with their healthcare providers (doctor, consultant, insurer) to ensure they have access to their latest health data. This enables them to provide the best possible care and it keeps the individual in control of their own health.

The Medelinked Health Cloud and API is also allowing developers to create series of new applications that deliver real health benefits to the end user.

Medelinked is based in Oxfordshire, UK

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