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Medelinked Health Partner Portal Now Features Personal Health Timeline

Published on 22nd October 2015 by Medelinked

On PC, Apple Mac or any iOS or Android tablet or smartphone, further increasing the time doctors and healthcare professionals have to interact with their patients and clients

Oxfordshire UK, 22nd October, 2015 - Medelinked, the online health platform that empowers healthcare engagement and management, has launched Medelinked Personal Health Timeline for its Medelinked Health Partner Portal.

Medelinked Personal Health Timeline allows doctors and healthcare professionals to get a rapid overview of their patient or client’s history - including medical reports, records, messages, x-rays and scans. All are presented in a simple, clear, linear and familiar social timeline manner – on a PC, Apple Mac or any iOS or Android tablet or smartphone - increasing the time doctors and healthcare professional have to focus on their patients and clients.

Free to doctors and healthcare professionals

The Medelinked Health Partner Portal is free to doctors and healthcare professionals, enabling them to create health accounts for their patients and clients and safely upload health records directly through the Portal to an individual patient or client’s online Medelinked account.

Medelinked Health Partner Portal also enables doctors and healthcare professionals to engage securely with their patients and clients via email, voice, text, video and instant messaging. This gives them real time interaction for faster and more effective consultations, recommendations and review as well as preventing unnecessary appointments that could be dealt with remotely.

As part of connecting, communicating and collaborating securely in real time with all of their patients and clients that have a Medelinked health account they can also receive documents and health partner share requests from existing Medelinked patient and client members, enabling them to connect into their network.

Uploading a record is quick, easy and secure. Examples of the type of health information that can be sent and received from a Medelinked account include medical reports, consultation notes, blood results, x-rays, scans etc.

Personal Health Timeline and Snapshot

Medelinked Personal Health Timeline can work in conjunction with Medelinked Snapshot, a full-screen graphical dashboard of a patient’s health state in the doctor or healthcare professional’s Medelinked portal which can be viewed before or during the patient’s or client’s appointment.

Patients fill out a simple survey about the current state of their health, select the health records they want to share and send the Snapshot of their health state to their doctor or other healthcare professional on the move or from the comfort of their home or office.

Medelinked Snapshot supplies an easy and quick to read and interpret single common graphical view crucial supporting health state information numbers such as: blood glucose and cholesterol levels; calorie intake; weight; waist size; exercise levels and blood pressure as well as featuring contacts details and space for the patient to describe their symptoms and wellness.

Smartphones and access to NHS GP records

Ian Gallifant, founder and CEO, Medelinked says: "With 15 per cent of NHS patients targeted to be routinely and safely reading and adding to their online medical records using smartphone apps in the next 12 months, Medelinked can make patient practitioner partnership a reality. Medelinked Health Timeline will make that activity and electronic health records truly useful to GPs and the healthcare community."

About Medelinked

Leveraging mobile technology and the cloud, Medelinked technology aims to increase health care effectiveness.

Medelinked Health Cloud and API is the leading platform already powering some of the best mHealth applications allowing developers to create a series of new applications that deliver real health benefits to the end user and healthcare professionals.

Using Medelinked individuals are able to create a health profile online that is secure and connect and share their health record with their network of trusted health partners and providers (including doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, trainers, insurers, clinical researchers).

Managing all health data in one place helps individuals securely track, monitor and improve their health state, ensuring their latest health data is accessed and enabling the provision of best possible care, keeping individuals in control of their own health.

Based in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, Medelinked was founded in 2005.

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Further Information

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