Medelinked Cookies Policy

Cookies are small pieces of information stored by your internet browser on to your computer's hard drive. Like most website providers, Medelinked Ltd uses cookies to enable us to make a link between you and the information you have provided to our website and therefore provide you with secure and personalised content so that we can give you a better experience when you return.

To ensure you get the best from our websites, we advise that users keep cookies active on their machines whilst visiting our website. You can manually disable and enable cookies on your computer. The process will depend on your browser and is usually part of your 'Security Settings'.

However, if you disable cookies from your browser you may have problems accessing your account. For further information about managing and disabling cookies, you can refer to your browser's help section or user guide.

Alternatively, the Interactive Advertising Bureau has produced a guide ( which explains to users how cookies work and can be managed.

If you have any problems accessing the site after disabling cookies or want further information about this please contact us at